News Corp New York Office

unruly & Storyful.

Designer - Gensler

Work - ADA Signage | Custom Fabrication | Logo | Distraction Banding | Dimensional Lettering | Wall Covering | Wayfinding

Material - Dusted Crystal | Optically Clear Film | Opaque Cut Vinyl | Interactive Wooden Pegboard | Customized Recessed Magnets | Sintra Panels

Objective - Environmental Graphics | Corporate Identity

News Corp welcomed subbrands Unruly and Storyful into their new office spaces. Working with the team at Gensler, the News Corp office design project for the sub-brands involved over 15,000 individual elements. We poured our heart and soul into these interactive ball and pegboard walls as well as creating magnetic wallcoverings to make them look anything but unruly!

Unruly & Storyful.


Interactive Pegboard Wall spelling out Unruly logo

Newscorp_Unruly_05 (1) copy.jpg

Individually designed peg pieces

Newscorp_Unruly_09 copy.jpg

Interactive Ball Wall spelling out Storyful. logo.
Both logo walls involved approximately 15,000 customized pieces.